The Santa Claus Awards: the Santa Claus competition, from the coolest to the most psychopathic

Who is the craziest or coolest Santa Claus in cinema? Which actor has the best costume and who is the best impersonator? Answer with the Santas Awards. Because the Large Screen team wasn’t sufficiently overwhelmed between the tops/flops of 2022, the videos, the release ofAvatar 2 and the year 2023 to prepare, she had the … Read more

Tonight on TV: I am Santa Claus with Gigi Proietti on Rai 1

I am Santa Clauson Rai 1 the comedy for the whole family, full of special effects, on the value of friendship and affection that sees Marco Giallini and the late Gigi Proietti as protagonists in his last role. I am Santa Claus – Cast and characters Marco Giallini: Ettore Magni / Santa ClausGigi Proietti as … Read more

Pervert, alcoholic and serial killer. I am ? Santa !

Who’s Afraid of the (Big Bad) Santa Claus? A nice senior in precarious employment? A big warm teddy bear? A friendly, smiling gentleman who has his picture taken with charming, laughing toddlers? Dear reader, don’t be fooled! They lie to us, they rob us! However, some filmmakers wanted to warn us. Let’s discover the hidden … Read more

A girl’s wish to Santa Rosa: meet the actors of “Al fondo hay sitio”

Desire for Santa Rosa caused surprise among the journalists who covered this festivity. (America TV) August 30 is an important date for Peruvians as it commemorates the life of Elizabeth Olive Flowersknown to the world as Santa Rosa de Lima, the first woman canonized by the Catholic Church and who has a record of proven … Read more

I believe in Santa Claus, the review: on Netflix a cloying Christmas comedy

The review of I believe in Santa Claus, a film set during the Christmas holidays that tells us about the impossible love between two antipode protagonists. Lisa, single mother of little Ella, works as a journalist in a small local newspaper and on the occasion of the 4th of July she published an article dedicated … Read more


An initiative that deserves maximum media coverage. This afternoon at 18.30 there will be the dedication ceremony of the parish hall of the Church of San Giacomo Apostolo to the Servant of God, Santa Scorese. At 18.30 the Holy Mass will be celebrated by the parish priest don Gaetano Bizzoco and animated by the Polyphonic … Read more

I am Santa Claus, a clip from the latest film by Gigi Proietti

On 2 November last year the great Gigi Proietti, actor, director, singer, voice actor, writer from Rome but loved throughout Italy died at the age of 80. His indefatigable dedication to work, infinite his talent, we want to remember him with a small clip from the last film he starred alongside Marco Giallini and which … Read more

Murder of Fabián Gutiérrez: the family’s lawsuit wants to present a film reconstruction as evidence | Winfo Santa Cruz

THE NATION/Mariela Arias.- EL CALAFATE.- On the night of July 2, 2020, Fabián Gutiérrez made a secret appointment with Facundo Zaeta in the house to which he had just moved alone. Zaeta reduced him, hit him and handcuffed him. He called Facundo Gómez and Pedro Muñoz. From there, the stories of the young people who … Read more