Oakland University Says People Who Get Along With Their Ex Are Psychopaths

Getting along with your ex? A psychopathic personality trait. No, it is not maturity, a reason for pride and rationality. How many times have we heard “The past is past”, “You cannot erase what did you so much good” either “There are no reproaches or we end badly, we are friends”? Well Oakland University has … Read more

Abascal promises a “cultural revolution” to university students to avoid the “death of Spain”

“Long live Spain!” shouted a visibly excited student upon the arrival of Santiago Abascal. “Long live!” Many others responded with force. “Fuck, have you seen? He came in a Nissan.” The vast majority of university students who were looking for a photo with the Vox candidate have not been able to enter the main hall. … Read more

Marcelo Aebi | Professor of criminology at the University of Lausanne and director of the SPACE survey “We must opt ​​for alternative prison measures, as far as possible, and leave prison as a last resort”

Marcelo Aeby is a professor of criminology at the University of Lausanne and is the director of the space studio, Annual Criminal Statistics of the Council of Europe. He knows the city and the Spanish criminal situation well because he taught Crimonology at the University of Seville between the years 2000 and 2005. Now he … Read more