Love is in the meadow 2023: this farmer is unanimous among viewers (ZAPTV)

This Monday, January 30, viewers had the chance to see or see Julien again, a farmer who had already participated in the show L’amour est dans le pré, as Guillaume’s suitor. On social networks, Internet users immediately fell in love with the handsome bachelor. Love is in the meadow is back on M6. This Monday, … Read more

People were horrified by the trailer, but the first episode of ‘Scandal: Story of an Obsession’ has hooked and fascinated viewers

The Telecinco series has been widely criticized for pedophilia and pedophilia, even the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers requested its cancellation before the premiere. mediaset The most controversial Spanish series of recent years has already been released. Scandal: story of an obsession generated a wave of criticism on social media after posting its first trailer. … Read more

The horror tape that has generated vomiting and fainting in viewers has arrived

The movie ‘Terrifier 2: The Sinister Clown’ arrived in our country preceded by several comments that make it a title, at least, expectant for lovers of horror and of course, the seventh art in general. Since last December 29, 2022, this film has been on the billboards of Colombian Cinema, Cinemark, Procinal Y Cinépolis. And … Read more

The game of ‘la Roja’, ‘Blitz’ and ‘Nightmare in the kitchen’ compete today to capture the viewers

Spain faces his first decisive match this Thursday in his participation in the Qatar World Cup 2022. Luis Enrique’s team seeks to seal their qualification for the round of 16 against Japan, a match that can be followed at 8:00 p.m. the 1 from TVE. The meeting will feature the narration of Juan Carlos Rivero, … Read more

The horror movie that causes viewers to vomit and pass out due to its graphic violence

Written in TRENDS the 10/28/2022 11:17 a.m. terrier 2a low-budget sequel to horror movie of the same name is causing visceral reactions among moviegoers, and many viewers have not hesitated to share on social networks that they vomited and even fainted before the graphic violence of the film of the gore genre. The genre film … Read more

Viewers Are Terrified for Evan Peters in Dahmer

Among the general public there is a strange fascination with serial killers, especially the most ruthless, and Netflix has been able to capitalize on this morbidity by producing some terrifying documentaries and series, of which the most recent is Dahmer – Monster: The story of Jeffrey Dahmer- 65%, which is shaking viewers, as they have … Read more

‘Deluxe’, ‘La voz kids’ and ‘Eight Catalan surnames’ compete today for viewers

Belén Esteban returns tonight to the ‘Deluxe‘ (11:15 p.m.). After almost three months off after falling and breaking her tibia and fibula in a game, the ‘Sálvame’ collaborator will reappear Telecinco being the guest star of the new installment of the program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez. ‘The voice Kids‘ celebrates tonight the grand finale … Read more

“And Martín Cárcamo?”: Viewers reacted with nostalgia to the return of “El Último Pasajero” by Chilevisión –

The program that originally aired on TVN and was hosted by Martín Cárcamo returned to television screens after 12 years with important changes that viewers commented on social networks. This Sunday at 6:30 p.m., the first episode of “The Last Passenger” premiered, hosted by Juan Pablo Queraltó with the help of his team assistants: Franco … Read more